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嘉仕登 Goldstone

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile

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Over the years, the division has long used a country's technical expertise and product research and development personnel, not through equipment manufacturing and technical leather, now has many advanced production equipment and multi-work professional matte, antique brick production line; Have a complete production process and technology. At present, the division uses the world's advanced roller technology, 3D spray technology, and at the same time, increase the cooperation of more than one design division, and enhance the technical quantity and field competitiveness of "" products.

Guanshi products are created as the driving force, adhering to the "quality one, household" purpose, after years of steady development, won the "China famous products" and "China environmental protection products" and other honors and certifications, is a national antique brick

Product middle finger can win the title. Division products in addition to the country has formed a good distribution network, but also to develop the international field. At present, "" products sell well in more than 80 countries and places such as the United States, Asia and Asia.

Our products can also be customized according to customer needs.

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